Swiss cave-aged cheese


This is the tale of a unique family of cheeses. Born from age-old savoir-faire and produced from the finest Swiss milk, the Cavern range of specialty cheeses has been carefully crafted and developed to provide a taste unlike any other; one both rich and authentic.

The secret behind the distinct flavor of the Cavern range of cheeses lies in their exceptional environment: a sandstone cave carved deep within the mountainside in a small Swiss village. It is here that the cheeses are salted and long-aged, resulting in a gourmet product of premium quality.

It was over 50 years ago, in the village of Ursy at the foot of the Swiss Alps, that a vast and ancient rocky cavern was transformed into the perfect cheese cave. The natural conditions of this most singular of environments rendered it ideal for storing cheeses. Today, the cave-aging tradition is upheld thanks to the most modern of technologies.